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Ok, here I am. My 1st blog. Hmmmm, where to start…well, hello me (and you if you’re reading). I am a career gypsy who has somehow worked her way into being a mom (of a 20 month old), and am currently pregnant (again! Jesus!). I work, all the time it seems. But I have a job where I receive monetary compensation, then I am a mommy, a daughter of a highly needy mother, a wife of a cavemen (yes! they still exist), and somehow, someway, I still stive to be me (whatever that means).

What else…I love shoes (hello! who doesn’t), I don’t understand why there was an uproar and an impeachment trial over a blowjob yet there’s a muderous jokel in the whitehouse for two terms and everyone seems ok with that, I think there is no such thing as common sense, and I love chocolate.

Other than that, I’m just a gal who wrote her 1st blog! Guau! (pronounced wow in spanglish)


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Culturally ambidextrous renaissance woman. Mom, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, blogger, shiny and fabulous, just like home! Find out more at

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