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Someone should have told us!

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We had some new neighbors move in a while back and they had a pet rabbit.  My 2 and 4  year olds went crazy, it was instant love for this quiet furball, and I fell under the spell as well thinking, hmmm, I don’t have to walk it, I can keep it contained from time to time…it’s perfect!  The neighbor told me how long they’ve had the bunny, that he sleeps with one of the kids (not happening in my home), etc., etc.  Fast forward a couple of months and her bunny is pregnant!  At this point our pet beta is ranking low with the kids, and I’m thinking we’re getting a bunny for free, yay me!  So welcome Ollie Bunny (named by my daughter after a Wonder Pets character).  

Ollie is loud, rambunctious (I can’t believe I spelled that right on the first try!), isn’t really interested in us as a whole, much less the kids but will fake it for a carrot.  I go online and try to learn a bit about their care in my free time (ok, so I looked at a page of info), but I thought since I’d had a long conversation with the neighbor on care, he’d be fine, well, Ollie died.  Apparently bunnies have a VERY delicate digestive track.  They have to have a very strict diet consisting mostly of hay, or else…

It was sad.  It was costly to try to save him.  It was my 4 yo’s introduction to death.  

Fast forward a couple of months to…surprise!!!  Our nanny, who had fallen in love with Ollie Bunny brought us…ANOTHER BUNNY!  Welcome Fuzzy Bunny!  Fuzzy is a cute little bunny, with the sweetest disposition.  He sits on my daughter’s lap, let’s me hold him like a baybe.  Will sit beside you so that you can pet him easily.  Once, my daughter’s on the ground, my son climbs on her and the bunny climbed on him!  It was hilarious!  Fuzzy Bunny is the perfect bunny.  Having learned from my mistake and taking life pretty serious (no matter how many legs you have), I was VERY careful with Fuzzy Bunny laying down the diet and exercise law.  

This morning, Fuzzy Bunny passed away.  It was very sudden and sad.  The vet assured me that there was nothing I could have done to prevent his passing, basically BUNNIES ARE VERY DELICATE CREATURES.  I had to leave the kids in the exam room at the vets for a moment so she could speak to me because I was devastated.  The vet and I were both crying. It was bad.  Eventually I pulled it together, for the kids sake, but NO MORE BUNNIES!!  I can’t take it!  And it concerns me that my kids will think that these things are disposable!

Later, after I was calm and after a nice lunch watching the symphony rehearsal at the park, my daughter and I were talking about Fuzzy Bunny dying, and I told her I was very sad.  Her response, “Why?  Can’t you think about him?  I have him right here.” as she points to her forehead.  Thanks doll for helping mama cope.


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