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I am driving to Milwaukee today for a trade show, and then tomorrow I leave with the kids to visit my family, so time is tight, I am exhausted and then there are days like today.  Somehow, someway I’ve always noticed that the more imperative it is that I get sleep, the more I can count on the fact that one of my children will prevent that from happening.  Be it a cold, the impromptu ear infection, or frankly, no reason at all, they will make sure mommy gets no sleep.  

Now, I am exhausted and I don’t want to see them or talk to them because every fucking noise, breathing, the keyboard clacking, is annoying.  Then I look at my poor sleep deprived children and I want to cry, until they start running through the house (apartment, we are city dwellers, and I actually like my neighbors!) and I turn into the evil voiced super over enunciating witch.  I am too fucking old to run on three hours sleep, it makes me crazy!!  Fuuuuuck!  Now instead of doing all the things I have to do for tonight and tomorrow, and being the sharp cookie I normally am (ha!) I am now sitting zombie-like, the kids are fending for themselves and I’m venting (thanks for listening by the way).  And at the crux of the problem is the fact that my 2yo DOES NOT SLEEP!!  He used to sleep, but about a month (or two, who know?  I’m sleep deprived!) ago he stopped taking naps with me, he only sleeps with the sitter, so his nighttime sleep is all fucked up, his eyes are red and bloodshot, he is exhausted, and even when he gets his nap, he’s getting up at 5am so no matter how you slice it, my poor son is sleep deprived and I want to scream, POBRECITO!! 
In conclusion, I better go make some coffee and get a move on, and thanks again for listening.

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