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I really don’t think that I have to preach to anyone about the power of social media. There are the many stories that we’ve heard:

  • Ann Taylor’s response to Facebook fans wondering what pants would look like on regular women
  • The journalist who was arrested and then freed thanks to people following his tweets
  • Egypt
  • More recently, the racist and generally vicious comments made by the BBC show “TOP GEAR” where Julio Verla caught wind of the story and was one of – if not THE – front runner demanding an apology and disciplinary action.

Then I got to see it for myself…

The other night, I tweeted a clip of ABC’s “What would you do” a show hosted by John Quinones where there actors create different scenarios to see how people react.  On last wee’k episode, John & his crew went to Arizona.  This came about after John received a voicemail from Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer telling him to “go back to Mexico”, the same Jan Brewer that could see “beheaded bodies on the border“.

John and his crew headed to Arizona to see exactly how widespread the anti-immigrant (Mexican, because let’s face it, no one cares about the European immigrants).  They set up a scene in a restaurant where a “policeman” (actor) harassed a Mexican laborer (John Quinones) for his papers, and it was interesting to see how everyone in the restaurant defended the laborer (John Quinones).

I tweeted the clip, and the LATISM family – ever so supportive – took over.  So did many other people, to the point that as of last night, Tweetreach had the clip reaching over 50 thousand people Even better, he (yes, John) tweeted @SOYLAMAR “Thanks for watching. Good to know people care about these issues”.  @SOYLAMAR responded truthfully, “We need more like you in mainstream media”.

So, mi gente, yes, we may chat about our children, and the weather, but online mimics life.  Through the details of our life that bring us together, we have passion, a voice.  We see injustices, and how this great country can improve to become better.  We continue to turn heads, together.  One tweet at a time.

Oh, and my darling Jan Brewer, it seems more and more that the only person who has a problem with immigrants (Mexicans) is you!



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  1. Excellent job Elma and Soylamar. You really make us proud. The power of social media is big, but even more so the power of community. Thank you for your leadership!


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