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Win passes to the screening of Green Lantern Chicago

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A chance to attend a Hollywood screening?  Can you say fancy?!  

Yes, we have a  passes to a screening of Green Latern and you, my friend, should enter this contest!  I have a limited number of passes to see some kick butt super hero Hollywood at it’s best!

Yes, it’s the Green Lantern!!!!  And there are a very limited number of passes available for this Wednesday’s screening (the movie opens to the general public on June 17th).

How can you win? Simple dimple!  Leave a comment on my blog telling me why it should be you at the Green Latern screening.  Winners will be chosen at random and contacted on Monday evening.  Which  brings me to another important note – leave your contact info!  Email address, phone number, name, twitter handle, smoke signal, however you want me to get in touch with you, but it’s your responsibility to respond.

The “small” print:

Winner will be chosen randomly.  Contest ends at 5pm CST Monday, June 13th.  Only one entry per person.  Play nice.  No cash value.  No alternate date/time/location to see movie, so don’t play if you can’t make it.  Winners will be notified on Monday, June 13th in the evening and have until noon CST Tuesday, June 14th to claim their tickets.  If you don’t claim your tickets they will be given away to someone else.  So again, if you can’t make it, don’t play.

See you at the mo… wait, can I say that?!  Better yet, good luck!!
Mz. Elma

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  1. Yessica Gamboa Guerrero

    @LaYessi cell: 3122176056

    Why should I get these tickets? Hmm… Well, 1. I happen to live very close to City North and would be walking distance from the location to assist the event. 2. I’m a huge fan of Marvel comics and have seen almost every single one that has come out (with the exception of the new X-Men, its been a busy teo weeks). 3. My dad can’t stop talking about wanting to go see the film so he’s probably be one of my 4 dates!

    • Well good luck my dear, those are all certainly great reasons! As a fellow Marvel comics fan, I highly recommend the new X-Men and look forward to seeing the Green Lantern as well!

  2. Well for one, this is a DC property, not Marvel. Having said that, the only DC property I honestly care about is Batman. So Green Lantern really has to impress me to rank it among the likes of Dark Knight, Ironman, and X-Men First Class. I can think of no better way to be sold on this franchise and to spread the word on how good it may be than to win free advanced screening tickets!

  3. Lupe Ruvalcaba

    Why should I get these tickets? Because, I really, realy, really, REALLY, want to go! and so does my Hubby and son!! Please, may I have the tickets?!! Thank you for the consideration!

    • Amor, if it was up to me, you could certainly have them! We shall tell the powers to be at to hear your wishes and keep an eye out, the Chicago LATISM Facebook site, tickets will be given away through there as well later today!

  4. Delia Osegueda

    I should go because I love super heroes movies!!!! and so does my husband =) I’m in love with all of them and I’m not ashamed, lol!!! and besides Ryan Reynolds is a hottie, ha,ha,ha!! so i should definitely have those tickets!!!


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