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Who do I think I am?  What sets me apart from all the other bloggers out there?  Why me?  Why not?   My background is non-traditional, but has been a lot of fun, and throughout my life as a career gypsy (I change industries every 5 years) the one thing that connects everything is marketing!

Politics and religion are not the root of all evil, marketing is!  Instead of worrying about the privacy on your Facebook account, you should just embrace the fact that through a little thing called data mining, companies know far more about you than you know about yourself, but then again, that’s how you get all those great catalogues and deals, so don’t fret my pet!

Let’s go back to that career gypsy part, I’ve:

  • Modeled and worked as a wardrobe stylist, therefore picking up great tips/ideas along the way!
  • Was a Product Manager in the travel industry negotiating with hotels and developing destinations.
  • Worked for Fortune 500 companies as a B2C marketer.
  • Event planning, promotions, parties?  I’ve done those too.

I would list more, but then the question about my age comes up and we all know I’ll be 32 for another 18 years!  😉

All that being said, I will post things that I feel are important, that should be heard, discussed and thought about.

Any recommendations are my opinion, as you can buy me gifts, but my opinions are not for sale.

You may like what I have to say, you may hate it.  Either way,  I welcome your comments, and invite you to keep reading!!

With much love,



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  1. Love the Blog Layout! great minds think a like!


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