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Beauty & Fashion baybe!

Yes, I love beautiful things, but then again who doesn’t?  The trick is taking the time to stay beautiful, and I’m not talking about anything crazy like the extreme makeover show from a few years ago where all the contestants ended up looking like the plastic surgeon’s version of beautiful, or hair so plastered with Aqua Net (of course!) that it doesn’t move.  I’m just talking about being the beautiful you.

This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or a lot of time, but like everything, you have to learn what to do and what works for you.  So read on.  I will post my suggestions, tell you what works for me and you’re welcome to try it – or not – but look around, emulate what you like about others, try something new, check out any of the thousands of style shows (How Do I Look is my personal fave, LOVE Jeannie Mai)  and see for yourself what a dramatic change a little effort can make.  You will walk taller, your confidence will project and you will love it!


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