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When two worlds collide – a family vacation

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My husband is a wonderful man. He is Puerto Rican, old school, has a great heart is strong, loving, and a caveman. I chose him for all the reasons we choose our mates. He completes me, he is Ike my parents, perhaps eve bit like my dad.

My father is a wonderful man. He is Cuban, really, really old school, has a great heart is strong, in recent year has learned how to express his feelings, and is a caveman.

My husband is either angry or ok. You are either on my father’s good side, or your not.

My father is 78 and as his age progresses, his health well, as his doctor tells him all the time, he is a young old person, but he is old, so the body changes and difficulties arise. This is one of the reasons that we have taken a 12 day vacation to visit my family and stay with my dad. In anticipation of our trip, he bought a new fridge and prepared the house months in advance. He was thrilled to see his grandkids.

My husband, because he knows that I miss my family dearly and that the kids love seeing abuelo agreed to stay at my dad’s house, albeit begrudgingly, but he agreed nonetheless. Something that I realize is a great scarified for him to do especially since I had witnessed them both do the “gorilla dance” – and that’s considering that my dad likes him!!

So here we are, day 10, my 41st birthday and I am managing both my father’s and my husband’s feelings, playing the diplomat and translator to ensure all ego’s are intact. The kids are having a blast, my husband was ready to go on day 2 and I’m exhausted.

Has it been worth it? Absolutely. Will we do it again? No. I think both the men in my life will agree with that. šŸ˜‰

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